Resellers and MSSPs Can Now Help Their Customers
Control Who Can See What Data

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our new channel partner program today. Nullafi offers resellers and MSSPs valuable data security solutions, programs, training, and enablement you need to drive revenue and help your customers improve their security posture, drive agility in their business, and give them a competitive advantage. The Nullafi Channel Partner Program consists of four tiers – Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Authorized, with a range of program benefits customized to each tier.

Earlier this year, we announced the general availability of Nullafi Shield, an agentless, Zero Trust data security solution that sits between applications and endpoints, tying in with existing network technology in order to detect and redact data across applications. At the same time, we appointed Walter Specht to the executive leadership team at Nullafi as Vice President of Channel Sales.

“Nullafi offers network-level software that enables companies to control the data any app sends to anyone, anytime, anywhere, with no application integrations necessary. Our partners love this differentiated approach to solving one of the biggest problems their customers face,” said Specht. “It’s an ideal solution to help resellers and MSSPs secure their customers’ data while procuring new business and developing new revenue streams. We’re thrilled to launch the new Channel Partner Program with world-class benefits and incentives.”

Nullafi intelligently recognizes and obfuscates sensitive data in transit, before it gets to the user’s device, no matter where it originates, what field it’s in, or how it’s labeled. In recognition of its innovation, Nullafi has now been awarded nine patents from the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO).

“The NXGN team is excited to partner with Nullafi,” said Jimmy Merlo, Vice President of Customer Advisory Services at NXGN, a leading technology advisory firm. "Nullafi has created a great program to help us solve our customers’ Zero Trust needs together. As organizations leverage more applications, their data, including their customers’ sensitive information, continues to be proliferated across the multiple vectors. Nullafi sits in a unique position where it is able to mask sensitive data, all while keeping data integrity. As organizations implement Zero Trust security solutions, Nullafi will play an integral role in how they manage their data.”

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