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Can you see the data flowing through your network? If you are like most IT and Security Pros, you can’t, even though you’ve invested heavily to make your network fast, reliable, and secure.

The good news is Nullafi automatically detects data in transit before it gets to your users’ devices — no matter where it originates, what field it’s in, or how it’s labeled. Nullafi instantly shows you where your data is coming from, who it’s going to, and what type of data it is.

For a limited time, we’re offering a 14-day free trial of our zero trust data security software so you can see where your data is going. Simply connect us to your network to see where social security numbers, PII, credit card numbers, tax IDs, email addresses, and other types of data are actually going and who is able to see them. After all, you can’t protect data you can’t see, so get the visibility you need with Nullafi.

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Nullafi works automatically with many existing network technologies. (e.g., products from Bluecoat (Broadcom), Check Point, Citrix, F5, Fortinet, Juniper Networks, McAfee, Skyhigh Security, and Squid, as well as any ICAP-enabled client).

Once you understand where your sensitive data is going and who has access to it, you can choose to use Nullafi after the initial 14 days to set granular, flexible policies that dynamically obfuscate individual data elements. Simply create policies that consider the user’s identity, which application they are accessing, and what data types are being transmitted. When Nullafi identifies data types of interest, the policy will control what data gets passed on to the user or redacted in transit, before it reaches the endpoint. That’s the power of Nullafi.

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