Over the past few years, we’ve seen businesses — including organizations with firmly entrenched legacy systems — move to digital-heavy operations. Remote work has increased employee flexibility. The Great Reshuffling has led to more people leaving companies for new opportunities.

Yet through all these changes, there’s been a constant: the need to keep data secure. Organizations regularly manage sensitive information of both internal employees and external customers. Introducing more frequent remote work and increased turnover only raises the risk of data ending up in the wrong hands.

However, that increased risk gives channel partners and managed security service providers a chance to deliver impactful results for their customers. Imagine offering a solution that not only solves their greatest need but also delivers you more revenue.

Here are seven reasons why partnering with Nullafi is a win-win for channel partners, MSSPs, and resellers.

Solve Data Protection Challenges

We’ve seen improvements in how companies protect user workflow, such as protecting endpoints or blocking access to applications. Where companies struggle is controlling the visibility of data within those applications. That leads to users getting unfettered access to data they often don’t need to see, resulting in your customers experiencing unprecedented levels of data loss. [STAT]

Enter Nullafi, which uniquely tackles that problem. Rather than blocking networks or apps wholesale, Nullafi obfuscates sensitive data in transit before it even gets to a user’s device.

Did the data originate on someone’s personal laptop? Did they mislabel a spreadsheet filled with Social Security Numbers as something less sensitive? Did they accidentally share home addresses in a Hubspot field? It doesn’t matter — our solution will obfuscate that data. Your clients have never seen security this simple.  

Quickly Complement Your Current Security Solutions

Nullafi won’t be your clients’ first foray into security. Whether they have one or one hundred solutions already set up, the Nullafi Shield solution fits right in, sitting between applications and endpoints. It only requires changing a single configuration file in your network.

That means no clunky or labor-intensive setup that confuses users. Our agentless approach ties in with existing network technology, eliminating risks such as data leakage, inadvertent access, and improper downloading. Managers simply set rules, and our software does the rest, offering complete control over data access.    

Earn More Recurring Revenue

Nullafi is committed to its channel partners, offering regular updates and guidance around best practices and next steps. Nullafi account managers and channel account managers (CAMs) support partner opportunities throughout partner relationships, making introductions to other strategic partners that might be good fits.

These opportunities lead to high-value recurring revenue streams. Our extensive network can often open mutually beneficial doors for partners to introduce additional projects and services. Combined with attractive margins and a program that decreases partner cost of sales, you’ll see a steady flow of revenue from our partnership.

Partnerships Focused on Growth Goals and Business Specialization

Have you worked with someone who claimed to have your best interests at heart, only to ignore learning about your key goals, challenges, and processes? It isn’t easy to grow when your partner is holding you back.

The Nullafi Partner Program determines partnership levels through criteria that tie back to organizational strategy, including technical competency, business specialization, growth goals, and marketing effectiveness. While all levels receive several benefits, from the internal use of the Nullafi platform to sales and promotional tools, other benefits align to those organizational criteria. That means better collaboration with our channel partners, MSSPs, and resellers, ensuring you maximize your impact.

Strong Account Coverage

Channel partners and MSSPs often must manage an extensive array of products and services. You need to know the ins and outs of everything you sell. It can quickly become overwhelming, especially when paired with annual reviews and aligning sales goals with business objectives.

Nullafi field-based account managers, CAMs, and other sales personnel offer extensive coverage across accounts to help you grow your pipeline, discover opportunities, and close deals. Constant sales support gives you the confidence to excel with customers old and new.

Marketing Materials to Enhance Company Growth

Educating your partners about high-quality options for their business can feel like a full-time job all on its own. We take the struggle out of boosting awareness by providing a wide variety of marketing campaigns.

These include direct marketing options such as print ad campaigns and branded collateral, e-marketing essentials including SEO campaigns and banner ads, event benefits such as tradeshow resources and webinars, and PR and branding support through press releases and joint public relations activities.

You can access these marketing materials — and much more — from our secure Partner Portal. Only Nullafi channel partners can enter the portal, and everything within it is designed to make your sales, marketing, and training a smoother experience.

High-Quality Support Teams

Though Nullafi Shield is easy to set up and monitor, your organization may grow and see its business goals shift over time. How often have you tried to settle a support issue with another organization, only to be passed around, put on hold, or told your partnership doesn’t cover that specific issue? It’s a frustrating experience for everyone.

As a Nullafi channel partner, you always have a strong support team on your side. From channel account coverage and support to handling non-standard deals or deals with multiple partners, our team is here to help.

Ready to Get Started?

We’ve designed our program to help you develop and secure new business opportunities and boost revenue. By providing a trustworthy data security solution for your clients, you’re delivering relief to one of their most consistent pains.

Ready to join the Nullafi Channel Partner Program and start seeing the business benefits right away? Request more information today.

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