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Maintain productivity, security, privacy, and compliance

Real-time access updates get people what they need, when they need it.

Access request forms. Following up with IT. Falling behind on work. Complex data access request and approval processes are frustrating and reduce productivity.

Nullafi’s plain-language rules eliminate employee frustration by giving managers a way to provide the right access when people need it.

Set access rules using everyday language and data field names like “can’t see email address” so that department managers can respond to requests without impacting risk for faster responses and reduced IT burdens.

Use drop-down menus and intuitive interface so that employees no longer need to send emails or reminders to IT when they need additional access.

Apply the same access controls across all applications so that employees have consistent access without asking for additional permissions

Increase employee productivity by always providing the right access for the right resources, as soon as possible.

Make security, privacy, and compliance part of the organization’s culture by eliminating resistance to access requests that can lead to risky workarounds like shared passwords and resources.

Grant access faster by spreading responsibility across managers who know whether a user needs access.

Eliminate time-consuming, manual processes like sending emails and following up on access requests.

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