Data Privacy:
Easy, By Design

Build privacy-by-design into daily business activities

Give the right people the right control over data privacy to mitigate compliance risks

New data privacy laws. Complex environments and application access policies. Users who need to get work done fast. Creating and maintaining data privacy feels harder every day.

Nullafi’s easy-to-use, natural language, cloud-based platform simplifies privacy compliance without getting in the way of everyday activities.

Intercept and mask data before it reaches devices for enhanced data governance

Establish and enforce the principle of least privilege to and within applications by setting field-level controls

Apply complex access controls with plain language rules to make risk mitigation easier, faster, and more cost-effective.

Eliminate excess access that can create a privacy violation by limiting based on data fields like name, address, and email address.

Ensure access control consistency across complex and diverse application ecosystems.

Close the skills gap with easy-to-understand, customizable, natural language rulesets that enable anyone within the organization to respond to access requests, even line of business managers.

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