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Who is Nullafi?

We’re a fast-growing provider of data security software that helps customers quickly, easily, and comprehensively protect sensitive data, automate policy enforcement, and eliminate risks such as data leakage, inadvertent access, and improper downloading—all while allowing business to continue without interruption. With Nullafi, users see only the data they need to see, giving organizations unprecedented control over data access.  

We serve primarily mid-market companies, technology resellers, and application developers in North America. With rave reviews from analysts, multiple patents granted, and key partnerships already established, Nullafi is well-positioned to transform data security as we know it.


Robert Yoskowitz
Co-founder and CEO
Elder Santos
Co-founder and CTO
Cameron Smith
VP of Product

Board of Advisors

Becca Chambers
Senior Vice President Global Brand and Communications,
Chase Cunningham
Chief Strategy Officer, Ericom
Jason Stutt
SVP Global Sales, Virsec
Simon Moffatt
Founder and Analyst, The Cyber Hut
Steven Hua
VP of Marketing, BetterCloud

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