Chief Information
Security Officer

Data access security through interception and obscurity

Establish and enforce fine-grained access controls then monitor and document data use.

Insider threats. Third-party risk. Excess access. Diverse access controls across complex ecosystems increases data breach, leakage, and privacy risks.

Nullafi’s platform sets fine-grained, consistent data access controls across your application stack using plain-language rulesets for better decision-making.

Intercept and mask data before it reaches devices to reduce excess access, third-party, and exfiltration risks.

Establish and enforce the principle of least privilege with consistent data-field level access controls across a complex ecosystem

Plain language rules empower application owners and line-of-business managers to make informed decisions when granting permissions and reviewing user access.

Limit what data is transmitted to a device role-based and attribute-based access controls, including user role, department, and geographic region.

Prevent data leakage with masking that applies to data in applications or downloaded to devices.

Enable informed decisions at line-of-business level with easy-to-understand, customizable, natural language rulesets.

Use audit trails for forensics that map access to IP addresses and provide precise timestamps to the millisecond.

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