Third-Party Risk Management:
Control, Simply

Gain control over third-party data access and use

Prevent third-party data access risk by enforcing controls, tracking downloads, and preventing devices from accessing data.

More data. More applications. More part-time contractors. The rise of the gig economy fills staffing gaps, but it also increases data breach and privacy risks.

Nullafi’s platform uses plain controls so business users can enforce third-party access and creates a complete audit trail, including documenting downloads.

Give access control responsibilities to the person managing the third party with plain-language rules that eliminate the need for specialized skill sets.

Establish and enforce the principle of least privilege to and within applications by setting field-level controls that prevent data from being transmitted to devices.

Monitor how third-parties access and download data with complete audit trails that document activity down to the millisecond and map to a user’s IP address.

Intercept data before it reaches a device to reduce third-party access risk across read, edit, and export privileges.

Ensure that employees managing third parties can review and grant access requests purposefully with easy-to-understand access rules.

Choose only the data fields that third parties need to access according to their department, role, and geographic location to enforce the principle of least privilege.

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