Nullafi for Redash

Protect data security and privacy while retaining search functionality

Control data use and visibility at the
Redash field level

Too many databases. Difficult to scale. Duplicated efforts. Limiting data access occurs at the database level, not within Redash, which becomes overwhelming as organizations scale and add more data sources.

Nullafi’s platform provides a way to set data access controls within Redash so that users see only the information they need, even across dashboards and visualizations.

Limit access within Redash, instead of relying on database privileges, to strengthen data privacy and security by applying the principle of least privilege.

Apply entitlements as precisely as data-field level or within fields to mask data within visualizations and dashboards to enforce security and privacy controls.

Plain-language rules eliminate the need for IT departments to update access privileges, so department managers can pause, edit, or delete rules in response to business needs, like data validation.

Apply consistent access controls within Redash to avoid excess access that increases security, privacy, and compliance risks.

Allow users to share dashboards and visualizations without worrying about compromising data.

Limit data as precisely as possible while maintaining business intelligence integrity to optimize Redash use.

Meet business needs without creating delays or burdening IT departments with time-sensitive access change requests.

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