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Use Nullafi to reduce compliance risk, assure data privacy, and control third-party data access

How Nullafi Helps

Getting and staying secure and compliant is more challenging and time-consuming than ever before. Data privacy is an ever-shifting target, and with the move toward remote work capabilities and outsourcing, data breach risks and privacy exposures are increasing like never before. We get it, protecting sensitive data can be hard. But it doesn't have to be. Use Nullafi to streamline your compliance, assure data privacy, and control third-party access.


Prove Governance Without Creating Roadblocks

Nullafi streamlines compliance with easy-to-enforce access policies that enable you to control who can see what data, prove who interacted with what data, and illustrate when, in what app, and from what location they interacted with that data. Automatically and with natural language commands. Imagine how much easier this makes your compliance workload.

With Nullafi, you can:

Limit Access

Establish the principle of least privilege by controlling access to any data type for any application, department, or identity. Meet and exceed compliance mandates such as PCI DSS, SOX, HIPAA, GDPR, and CMMC with automatically enforced natural language access controls that intercept data flow in transit to prevent sensitive data from reaching devices.

Standardize Visibility Across Applications

Create data access and visibility controls once, then apply them to anything from a single application to your entire application stack, all with a simple click. Team bringing on a new application? No problem, you can have all new applications automatically adopt your visibility controls even if you didn’t know they were running.

Instant Data Flow Audit

Create a complete, searchable audit trail that documents who accessed what data type, through which applications, from what IP address, from what geolocation and device, down to the second. Prove compliance, pass security audits faster, and quantifiably illustrate your risk governance – all automatically.

Assign Responsibility

Whether your model is centralized security or decentralized, plain-language rules and easy exception granting allows for accelerated access request workflows and continued productivity, all while maintaining reducing compliance risk and overall security exposures.

Data Privacy

Build Privacy-by-Design into Daily Business Activities

Nullafi simplifies privacy compliance by giving the right people access to the right data, without getting in the way of everyday activities.

With Nullafi, you can:

Build Privacy by Design

Intercept and mask data before it reaches devices for enhanced data governance. Eliminate excess access that can create privacy violations by limiting data transmission of data types such as email address, phone numbers, and social security numbers. Ensure access control consistency across complex and diverse application ecosystems without worrying about integrations or database replication.

Limit Access

Not all your users in the organization should see all the data housed in an application they are using. Establish and enforce the principle of least privilege to and within applications by setting data-level controls.

Empower Users

Close the skills gap with easy-to-understand, customizable, natural language rule sets that don’t take a lot of time or skills to manage.

Third-Party Risk Management

Gain Control Over Third-Party Data Access and Use

Nullafi enables business users to enforce third-party access controls, track and control downloads, and prevent devices from accessing sensitive data.

Make It Easier to Work Together

Get your vendors fast access without having to spend months on DPAs, risk assessments, and compliance audits – all while ensuring better third-party risk hygiene than you've ever had before. That way, you’re able to quickly select, contract, and onboard vendors without worrying about added risk.

Manage Third-Party Access

At the same time, establish and enforce the principle of least privilege to and within applications by setting field-level controls that prevent data from being transmitted to devices. Intercept data before it reaches a device to reduce third-party access risk across read, edit, and export privileges.

Track Use

Monitor how third parties access and download data with complete audit trails that document activity down to the second and map to a user’s IP address.

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