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Unparalleled Data Protection to Safeguard Your Business


Data is your ultimate asset, but if it's stolen, it can ruin your business, your reputation, and your professional life. Nullafi's easily integrated technology protects your data by making it useless to hackers ahead of time, letting you sleep at night.

Go ahead and get breached – with Nullafi, it doesn't matter.


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A new data security standard

Nullafi’s technology is next gen DLP–all the benefits, none of the downsides. Some of our system benefits:

  • Built on a zero–knowledge framework: no one, including us, can see your data.
  • Delivered via API/SDKs: allow you to integrate with all legacy and next-gen infrastructures.
  • Advance Breach Detection: you'll be the first to know
  • Automated Data Loss Remediation: if there is a data loss event, you can remediate in minutes
  • Automated Data Hygiene: all the effort taken out of maintaining data hygiene

Did we mention it’s reversible any time?

Easy-to-Implement Data Protection

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Pick Data to Protect

You can protect all or just segments of your data. Some customers select all their legacy and new data for security, start with time sensitive data, or temporarily protect data for simplified code queries. 

Change what data you protect anytime, you decide what and when.

Make the API Call

A simple integration through our SDK and you’re up and running. Any type of data can flow through our API, and setting it up couldn't be easier. It’s set it and forget it.

Our specialists will help you get it set up and running in hours.

Business as Usual

You store the data in your system, knowing you're protected. All business processes remain as normal. The data is selectively anonymized, monitored, and sanitized regularly.

No matter where you store your data, you can rest easy knowing it's out of reach.

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All we need is 10 minutes to show you the power of our framework.

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Easy, Well-Documented API + SDKs

We know how the work to integrate a system falls on your shoulders, and a system that is hard to integrate won't get used. We've built our framework on top of the most easily integrated, well-documented, and flexible API + SDKs you can find. This lets you report that you have Nullafi up and running within minutes , protecting your data right away.

Full Sandbox Access
Full Sandbox Access
Full Sandbox Access




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“The first thing you need to know is that Nullafi provides value.”



Why Nullafi?



Our simple API/SDKs can be integrated in hours and your data (both legacy and future) is instantly protected. 



At a fraction of the cost of traditional protection methods, you can avoid the costly impact of data breaches with a package that is just right for your data needs.



You control how much data you protect–our zero-knowledge framework integrates into your existing workflows and will automatically adjust as your business grows.



Like your existing tools? Great–not only do we integrate well with other security products, we strengthen their efficacy.



We can’t see your data even if we want to. We’ve built our system on a zero-knowledge framework, meaning we aren’t simply a risk-shifting method or an additional risk for you.



It’s as easy to reverse as it is to implement. Change the data you protect any time according to your accessibility and security needs with our simple API.

Let Us Help You.

Speak to a specialist to customize your data security needs.

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