Easily obfuscate any data
in any application

Easily hide sensitive data in any application to secure your modern distributed workplace.

Work from Home Distributed Teams
Third Parties
Insider Threats

Applications deliver data to anyone asking, and you can't control the "who" or the "where". Nullafi instantly lets you mask specific data within any application based on who's requesting it to eliminate risks like data leakage, snooping, and improper downloading.

Think of your data as perimeterless.

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We Inject Data Protection Into Any Application

Organizations lose control of their data once it hits the endpoint. We intercept sensitive data before it gets there to keep you protected and compliant, without losing productivity.

User interface image asking if user should have access to view email

Have Data Visibility Controls Over Anyone

Your organization and its roles are unique. Grant or revoke granular visibility to anyone in your organization, using roles and permissions that make sense for you.

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Automated Redaction Scales and Adapts as Your Business Does.

Contract, hire, and ramp up internal and external teams faster by automatically giving end users access to only the data they need within any application.

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No Integration Needed. Really, No Integration Needed.

We don't touch your Applications or your data. We operate between the two so you can standardize access controls across mission-critical Applications used for marketing, sales, and business intelligence in minutes.

How it works

Nuffali intercepts data requests between endpoints and applications, obfuscating individual data fields using organization-defined role-based and attribute-based permissions.