Easily Protect
Sensitive Data, Everywhere

Nullafi ensures your users see only the data they need to see, in any app, giving your organization unprecedented control over data access. No need for complex tools, blocking data wholesale, or maintaining manual fixes.

Controlling Who Sees What Data
Isn’t Easy.

You know controlling access to financial, healthcare, PII, or other sensitive data is a nonstop challenge. Blocking apps and databases or deploying complex IT workarounds can create an unsustainable web of insufficient solutions.

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Unauthorized Data Access

Remote work, shadow IT, app updates, and simple mistakes can expose sensitive data to the wrong users.

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Unknown Data Exposures

Manually spotting and plugging data leaks is slow, expensive, and unscalable, even with the help of complex IT tools.

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Unmitigated Risk

With so many regulations to adhere to and risks to manage, it can be difficult to effectively mitigate risk and achieve compliance.

Nullafi provides comprehensive data access controls so you can quickly and easily obfuscate sensitive data.

Nullafi intelligently recognizes and obfuscates sensitive data in transit, before it gets to the users’ device, no matter where it originates, what field it’s in, or how it’s labeled. You get simple-yet-powerful controls to granularly manage, monitor, and block data access for any user in any application. Period. It’s a fast, easy way to secure sensitive data, automate policy enforcement, and eliminate risks such as data leakage, inadvertent access, and improper downloading—all while allowing business to continue without interruption.

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Easy, Fast, and Powerful

Secure and protect data with intuitive controls that use natural language so even less-technical managers can quickly govern data access at the most granular level.

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Scalable and Affordable

Control access to data across any number of users, endpoints, and applications, inside or outside of your organization, and without excessive costs – or slow, complex deployments or integrations.

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Comprehensive yet Flexible

Automatically recognize and mask sensitive data in transit before it reaches the user’s device, no matter where it originates, what field it’s in, or what form it takes, and without altering the underlying data.

How We're Different

Because Nullafi operates at the network level, we can work with any application, any data, anytime, anywhere, with no application integrations or endpoint deployments. With less than a 15-minute setup, you’ll be able to detect and redact sensitive data to solve data privacy, security, and access challenges. Think of it as your corporate data safety net.

No Application Integrations Needed. Seriously.

Since we sit at the network level, we can protect any application without needing a single integration.

No Agent, Either.

No need to worry about deploying to endpoints, enforceability, or device controls.

Runs In Your Environment.

Our software runs in your environment, so there’s no need to worry about latency, third-party data risk, or downtime.

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Easy Data Access Control for Security and Compliance Teams

You’re challenged to mitigate security, compliance, privacy, and regulatory risks as workers move out of the office and use more diverse applications and devices than ever before. The cost and complexity of complying with regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, and SOX continue to grow as well. Combined, it creates a nearly insurmountable challenge for CIOs, CISOs, and their security, risk, and compliance teams relying on individual application settings and ill-suited IT tools.

Nullafi helps you overcome these challenges by providing granular data access controls that work at the individual user and device level yet are managed through a simple interface.


Deploy in under 30 minutes.


Recognize data access risks on any data and any application.


Manage data access for any user type or data type.


Control who accesses which data with just a click.

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