Get Advanced Security for Sensitive Data

You’ve invested heavily in your network to make it fast, reliable, and secure — but you still can’t see all the data flowing through it. What if you could simply plug in an ICAP server that instantly showed you where your data is coming from, who it’s going to, and what type of data it is, and then enabled you to set policies to redact data “in flight” from users who don’t need to see it? That’s the power of Nullafi.

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Shield your data

What if you could automatically detect and redact sensitive data at the network level? Nullafi is an integration-less approach that allows you to assert RBAC controls down to the granular data level. Quickly and easily control the data any app sends to anyone, anytime, anywhere, with no application integrations necessary.

Protect any number of applications and users by the point of data receipt – giving you broader and more holistic protection, with far less user friction. Think of us as your corporate data safety net.

Nullafi Shield ICAP Server Benefits

Nullafi Shield ICAP Server gives organizations unprecedented control over data access, inspecting and filtering traffic between applications and users in order to detect and redact sensitive data. It works automatically with products from Bluecoat (Broadcom), Check Point, Citrix, F5, Fortinet, Juniper Networks, McAfee, Skyhigh Security, and Squid as well as any ICAP-enabled client.

Specific benefits include:

  • Integrates easily with any ICAP-enabled client
  • Provides complete visibility into all data flowing through your network, detecting sensitive data as it travels
  • Allows optional redaction of sensitive data in transit, before it gets to the user's device — no matter where it originates, what field it's in, or how it's labeled
  • Mitigates third-party data risk, insider threats, improper data exposures, and related compliance headaches
  • Eliminates risks such as data leakage, inadvertent access, and improper downloading — all while allowing business to continue without interruption
  • Works with any application, any data, anytime, anywhere, with no application integrations necessary
  • Gives you customizable access control policies and automatic policy enforcement to achieve compliance
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“No vendor had an intelligent, Zero Trust approach to the problem of data security until I saw Nullafi. Cybersecurity is ultimately about data protection. Data is what hackers steal; it’s what brings down companies. Nullafi offers the approach to the problem, removing the risk from data compromises across the kill chain.”

— Chase Cunningham, Vice President of Security Market Research, G2
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