Avoid Data Breaches and Data Loss by Quickly and Easily Controlling Who Sees What Data

New White Paper

If you are concerned about protecting sensitive information, you’ve come to the right place. Data that has never been more sensitive has never had more people able to access it, and that’s become a big problem. Data breaches. Data loss. The specter of insider threat or simple human error. Solutions abound, but none of them are simple, easy, or – let’s face it – effective.

This new white paper from Nullafi dives into three reasons why controlling access to data is so difficult and also looks at three common ways companies allow employees too much access to data.

Download the white paper now to learn:

  • Why controlling access to data in addition to managing risk, unknown data exposures, and unauthorized data access is simply too much to handle
  • How to detect and redact sensitive data and the critical reasons why you should
  • How to control access to data across any number of users, endpoints, and applications, inside or outside of your organization, and without excessive costs – or slow, complex deployments or application integrations

Learn how to control access to sensitive data just by changing a few settings on your network configuration.

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