Can You See Where Your
Data Is Going and Control
Who Can View It?

Get Visibility and Control with Nullafi

If you’re struggling to get visibility into where your data is going, and control who has access to it, consider Nullafi.

Nullafi is a zero trust data security solution engineered to give you unprecedented visibility into and control over your data. With Nullafi, you can instantly see where your data is coming from, who it’s going to, and what type of data it is. It doesn’t matter where the data originates, what field it’s in, or how it’s labeled.

Nullafi can detect and classify any data any app sends to anyone (or any other app) anytime, anywhere, with no application integrations or endpoint deployments. Because of our multi-patented technology that operates at the network level, Nullafi works automatically with products from Bluecoat (Broadcom), Check Point, Citrix, F5, Fortinet, Juniper Networks, McAfee, Skyhigh Security, and Squid, as well as any ICAP-enabled client.

If you find that data is being seen that shouldn’t be, you can then set policies to redact data “in flight” from users and apps that don’t need to see it, without altering your underlying data. That’s the power of Nullafi.

How It Works

Nullafi Shield is an agentless, Zero Trust data security solution that sits between applications and endpoints, tying in with existing network technology in order to redact data across applications. Nullafi intelligently recognizes and obfuscates sensitive data in transit, before it gets to the user’s device, no matter where it originates, what field it’s in, or how it’s labeled.

With rave reviews from analysts, ten patents granted, and key partnerships already established, Nullafi is well-positioned to transform data security and access control as we know it.
Are you ready?

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