Got Sensitive Data in Your HubSpot CRM?
Protect It with Nullafi.

Use Nullafi to detect and mask sensitive data in HubSpot

Shield your data

What if you could automatically detect and redact sensitive data at the network level? Nullafi is an integration-less approach that allows you to assert RBAC controls down to the granular data level. Quickly and easily control the data any app sends to anyone, anytime, anywhere, with no application integrations necessary.

Protect any number of applications and users by the point of data receipt – giving you broader and more holistic protection, with far less user friction. Think of us as your corporate data safety net.

HubSpot Is Great, Until It Isn't

Like most marketers, you probably use HubSpot for everything Marketing:

  • Importing contact data from external databases like Apollo
  • Gathering contact information through inbound forms
  • Enriching leads with data from external sources
  • And then using all of that information for email campaigns and other outreach

That’s awesome.

The problem is, now you’ve got all that data sitting in HubSpot and you need to ensure you can protect it. While HubSpot’s role-based access controls help control access to the app, they do little to help control access to the data within Hubspot. Sure, you can control some of the fields in HubSpot, but what about Notes? Or data populated through integrations? How about support tickets and activity tracking?

The result: Everyone who has access to HubSpot can see every piece of information. And because they can, achieving compliance is impossible.The good news is there is a simple, easy, and effective way to control access to data within apps.

Nullafi can automatically detect and mask sensitive data in HubSpot, no matter how it’s labeled, where it is, or where it's coming from.

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How It Works

Quick & Easy Data Security

Use Nullafi’s data access controls to mask individual data elements within Hubspot instead of blocking access entirely to maximize your return on investment for Hubspot. Get the go-ahead from your security or compliance teams by using Nullafi to limit user access as precisely as the individual data element for a “best practices” approach to security, privacy, and compliance.

To see us in action, request a demo; we’ll get back to you right away.

Benefits of Using Nullafi


Simple: Simple to set up, manage, and solve one of the largest security issues there is.


Fast: Start protecting data in under 30 minutes.


Affordable: We want to make data security more accessible, and our pricing reflects that.


Granular: Restrict access by data type, data field, user department, or user location.


Customizable: Define access rules for any application or data type using natural language, such as “block credit card numbers.”


Auditable: Create a complete, searchable audit trail that documents who accessed what data, when, and from which IP address.


Non-Intrusive: Intercept data in transit before it’s displayed without altering any data or integrating with any applications.


Comprehensive: Create customized access rules to enforce security protocols for both internal users and external partners.


Secure: Protect data housed in any application, whether packaged or homegrown, in the cloud or on your premises, without the data ever leaving your environment.

Who We Are

Nullafi is a fast-growing provider of zero trust data security software, giving HubSpot customers unprecedented visibility into and control over data. Instantly see where data is coming from, who it’s going to, and what type it is. You can then set policies redacting  data “in flight” from users and apps that don’t need to see it. The company serves primarily mid-market companies, technology resellers, and application developers in North America. With rave reviews from analysts, multiple patents granted, and key partnerships already established, Nullafi is well-positioned to transform data security as we know it. Are you ready?

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