Stop Fraud by Call Center Employees

Your call center employees frequently handle sensitive data including directly and indirectly monetizable data, such as gift certificate codes, gift card and equipment re-issuance, payment card details, and social security numbers. While typical fraud prevention tools have focused on reducing fraud from third parties that exploit call centers through social engineering, Nullafi® Shield helps mitigate fraud losses caused by the call center employees themselves.

Nullafi gives you the visibility to see the data accessed and entered by employees — across any application, regardless of ownership or location.

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Shield your data

What if you could automatically detect and redact sensitive data at the network level? Nullafi is an integration-less approach that allows you to assert RBAC controls down to the granular data level. Quickly and easily control the data any app sends to anyone, anytime, anywhere, with no application integrations necessary.

Protect any number of applications and users by the point of data receipt – giving you broader and more holistic protection, with far less user friction. Think of us as your corporate data safety net.

How Nullafi Helps

Call centers are truly unique in that your thousands of employees all use applications you don’t license. When fraud occurs, you're held responsible for it, but you face a major challenge investigating the incident with very limited or no access to information about which employees entered what information into what applications. Nullafi solves this problem by monitoring at the network level, showing you who entered what information, where, and when, all the way down to the field level, while remaining invisible to employees.

  • Instantly gain visibility to investigate fraudulent events and malicious insiders. Correlate across platforms/systems and users with full history to uncover what occurred.
  • Gain a full audit trail of who, what, and when. In the event of fraud, perform a deep investigation with the full history of the data accessed, by whom, when, from what IP address, and what changes were made.
  • Implement granular access control at the data field level. Nullafi can intelligently recognize and control access to specific data types based on the rules you establish.
  • Redact sensitive data to prevent unauthorized use or data loss. Reduce risk from malicious insiders through strict controls that limit data access to a need-to-know basis.
  • Deploy rapidly to gain immediate value. Since data is redacted at the network level and requires no underlying application integration, there are no complex configurations or maintenance tasks. Setup can be completed in 15 minutes.
  • Monitor without invasive technology – Unlike invasive screen capture monitoring, Nullafi can actually prevent fraud by controlling access to sensitive data – or reveal what has happened if a trusted employee with access goes rogue – all without integrations or an agent to deploy.
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“No vendor had an intelligent, Zero Trust approach to the problem of data security until I saw Nullafi. Cybersecurity is ultimately about data protection. Data is what hackers steal; it’s what brings down companies. Nullafi offers the approach to the problem, removing the risk from data compromises across the kill chain.”

— Chase Cunningham, Vice President of Security Market Research, G2
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