Nullafi Shield

A modern data protection endpoint solution ideal for distributed or remote teams, and organizations with vendors and third-party tools accessing their data.
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What is Nullafi Shield?

Nullafi Shield is an add-on to any endpoint device that gives data administrators one-click control over what data that endpoint receives from third party applications (like Salesforce). A powerful Proxy API system supported by an AI data classification framework, Nullafi Shield is deployed via a simple, no code browser extension, yet gives unparalleled data security and transparency.

How Nullafi Shield Works

Endpoint Data Protection
As easy as 1-2-3

Write a plain-English data rule

Breeze through 3 fill-in-the-blank-questions to simply select who can see what data in of your third party applications to build the perfect data permission schema.

Enforce with a click

Hit "Publish" and your data rule will instantly sync to all endpoints. No code, no buy-in, and no push to production needed.

You've got Zero Trust Data

Any endpoint with Shield is protected via our invisible Proxy API. Sensitive data will be obfuscated according to the individual's role before it even gets to the device.

Why Use Nullafi Shield?

Three Clicks. No Code. Unparalleled Data Security.

What if you could snap your fingers and suddenly control the data that employees, vendors, and partners can see in third party applications like Salesforce, or when querying your data in tools like Redash?  That’s the power of Nullafi Shield.

Up in Minutes, Literally

Add Nullafi Shield to any endpoint device and tell us the application to protect. Nullafi goes to work immediately. No “deployments” and no asking for your team’s time.

Incredibly Powerful

Simply click the data type you want obfuscated and for whom. Our AI will do the rest. Don’t want marketing to see full home addresses in Salesforce? That’ll be 3 clicks.

Low (no) Maintenance

We’re cloud deployed and synched. The minute you make a data rule, it is synched with all endpoints and being enforced. No maintenance on your end. In fact, most people forget we’re there.

Nullafi Named "Cybersecurity Company of the Year"

We're honored to have been recognized as leaders in the field of data security.

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