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The best way to protect sensitive data to preserve usefulness but eliminate risk. Store, share, and access highly sensitive data without compromise or stress.

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What is Nullafi Vault?

Nullafi Vault is an API/SDK product that allows you to secure your sensitive data via simple API calls with our patented process of data aliasing. Integrated at the application layer, it allows you to collect the data you need to run your business, but remain compliant, secure, and insulated if your data gets exposed.


Easy to implement and effective at protecting critical data at rest or in transit, Nullafi is the best defense against any and all fallout of a data loss.

How Nullafi Vault Works

Data Protection
As easy as 1-2-3

Pick Data Source

Pick any data field. Whether it's a registration page, transaction form, or internal data entry page, you can protect any data that would worry you if it falls into the wrong hands.

Make API Call

A simple integration through our SDK and you’re up and running. Our API will dynamically alias data, monitor uses, and preserve parameters you need. It's set it and forget it.

Business as Usual

You store the aliases on your side and use them in place of the sensitive data. The true data is stored in a zero-knowledge vault, and is retrievable anytime you need to access it.

Encryption is Only a Piece of the Solution....

Why the experts love us is because of the worst kept secret in data security – Encryption and Tokenization don't really work all that well for many purposes. We fill the gaps.

Nullafi Vault at a Glance



Nullafi Aliasing

Protection for Data at Rest

Protecting Data in Transit

Insulation from Single Point of Failure

Embedded User Privacy Protection

Automatic Data Usage Transparency and Monitoring

Loss Alerting and Diagnostics

Automated Loss Remediation

Easily Compatible with Legacy Systems

Low Developer Burden of Integration

Cost Per Month




Why Use Nullafi Vault?

Fast. Easy. Unparalleled Data Security.

What if you could snap your fingers and suddenly control the data that employees, vendors, and partners can see in third party applications like Salesforce, or when querying your data in tools like Redash?  That’s the power of Nullafi Shield.

Quick To Implement

Our simple API/SDKs can be integrated in hours and your data (both legacy and future) is instantly protected. 

Actually Affordable

At a fraction of the cost of traditional protection methods, you can avoid the costly impact of data breaches with a package that is just right for your data needs.

Easily Scalable

You control how much data you protect–our zero-knowledge framework integrates into your existing workflows and will automatically adjust as your business grows.


Like your existing tools? Great–not only do we integrate well with other security products, we strengthen their efficacy.


We can’t see your data even if we want to. We’ve built our system on a zero-knowledge framework, meaning we aren’t simply a risk-shifting method or an additional risk for you.

Reversible Anytime

It’s as easy to reverse as it is to implement. Change the data you protect any time according to your accessibility and security needs with our simple API.

Nullafi Named "Cybersecurity Company of the Year"

We're honored to have been recognized as leaders in the field of data security.

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Nullam quis risus eget urna mollis ornare vel eu leo. Aenean lacinia bibendum nulla sed 

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Promotion nulla vitae elit libero a pharetra augue