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Simplify entitlements with plain-language rules

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Understand access choices for stronger security, privacy, and compliance

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Complex terminologies. Multiple applications. Internal and third-party users. Technical access controls make understanding user needs and entitlements difficult.

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Nullafi’s platform uses plain-language rules so that managers can make meaningful decisions and apply the most precise access possible.

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Define roles’ access rules in the platform using everyday language and data field names like “can’t see email address” to limit user access to data as precisely and purposefully as possible.

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Use drop down menus to apply access rules to different groups of users either at a departmental level or segmented within a department such as by geographic location or manager.

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Set permissions once for a given set of users and apply those same access rules across all applications that they need to use to do their jobs.

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Make meaningful and educated decisions around who needs access to data to protect sensitive information.

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Maintain employees’ productivity levels by providing the right level of access when they request it rather than waiting for IT to respond.

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Prevent employees from accessing data sensitive data to meet compliance requirements or set best internal practices across teams.

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