Instant Data Security for Hubspot

Hubspot is a powerful CRM and stores massive amounts of sensitive data about your customers. If this data is exposed even accidentally, the reputational and legal damages can easily put you out of business. In fact, 60% of small businesses go under within 6 months of a data breach. 

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The Data Security Problem with Hubspot

Hubspot is great for consolidating customer journey information, running campaigns, and is an intuitive CRM. It does have one huge problem – data security. It’s so good at showing your customer data quickly to anyone who “needs” it that it’s terrible at letting you control that visibility. 

Give access to the data people need, to the people who need it. Simple as that. Right now, you don’t have that ability in Hubspot, because Hubspot’s visibility controls are:

Block or allow

Hubspot only gives you the ability to simply block access to whole sections of their tool to user groups. Sections you still pay for. This antiquated approach leaves teams requesting exceptions or standing still, opening up risks and exposures constantly.

Labor Intensive

Starting to store data in different areas and in different formats? Setting up different teams and moving quickly ramping up inside and outside parties? Hubspot’s rules can’t keep up, and managing them is an exercise in frustration and inefficiency.


Let’s say you’re ok with being inefficient as well as blocking access to whole sections of their tool,  you still only have rules that can only work in Hubspot. How do you standardize all that work into other applications? Unfortunately, You can’t.

Nullafi Solves The Data Security Problem In Hubspot

Simple Hubspot Data visibility rules

Hide Full or partial fields of individuals and companies

To protect sensitive data, simply select a role and click what  data that role can or can’t see about individuals, companies, or deals in Hubspot. You can even hide certain elements of certain fields, leaving the rest.  It couldn’t be simpler All controlled from a single interface, no developer knowledge needed.

Hubspot UnobfuscatedHubspot Obfuscated
Get Hubspot user activity transparency

Have full transparency into who's doing what in hubspot

How do you know if people are looking at contact records, deal reports, or downloading customer home addresses? Nullafi automatically shows all activity in Hubspot, making sure nothing is ever done without you knowing. Your audit and compliance teams will thank you, and you can sleep at night. 

easy to manage

Rules are easy to set and forget, edit, or pause

Turns out a Hubspot user needs access to a data point you thought they didn’t? No problem, you can pause, edit, or delete a rule anytime you want, and resume it just as easily. Easy-click on and off lets you give an exception for minutes, or seconds. Think of us as a way to boost Hubspot efficiency, securely. 

Protection so straightforward You can See it

Hubspot UnobfuscatedHubspot Obfuscated
simply drag the slider above to understand what we do

Why Trust Nullafi for Data Security?

Nullafi was built from the ground-up to be different, following a user-forward approach to security. Everything from how easy it is to set up to how little you need to trust us with data is carefully constructed to put you at ease. 

Technology that shows you it's working

You can see the technology obfuscating data in real time within your selected applications. No need to invest in promises that take months to validate.

We store nothing, No need to trust us

The whole point of Nullafi’s technology is to not trust any person or tool more than necessary. Our obfuscation is done “just in time,” and we don’t store any of your data.

Easy to set up, run, support, and remove as you see fit

We bring the ease of use expected of B2C products to data security. We’re stress-free at every step, though of course we hope you stay with us.

Nullafi Named "Cybersecurity Company of the Year"

We're honored to have been recognized as leaders in the field of data security.

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Nullam quis risus eget urna mollis ornare vel eu leo. Aenean lacinia bibendum nulla sed 

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Promotion nulla vitae elit libero a pharetra augue