A Little About Nullafi

Our brand pillars are: Trust, Transparency, and Simplicity.

These three pillars underpin everything we do – from how we do business, to who we work with, how we price our products, and even the design of our technology.

What is Nullafi

We’re an award-winning SaaS cybersecurity company with multiple patents granted for our data obfuscation technology. The goal of our company is to set a new cybersecurity standard so that data protection is usable, powerful, and accessible.

We stand apart (and “are notable” as Forbes puts it) for how we prevent sensitive data from ever reaching endpoints without touching your databases, applications, or having to be installed on the endpoints themselves.


Easy to use




Flexible and scalable

Our Mission

In short, let you control who sees what data in what applications. Our core belief is that data security should be made as easily achievable as possible for any organization, and that the data security landscape is filled with complexity, cost, and lack of results. Our mission is to change that.

We're the Answer to the Most Basic Question

Does your company control who can see what data in all of your applications? It's the most foundational and basic question in all of data security, and yet no matter how advanced your security posture, we bet you can't answer it.

Nullafi injects data security into any application to give you the ability control who sees what, anywhere, anytime.

In a perimeterless world where data flows to everyone, everywhere, through every application, Nullafi’s proprietary data obfuscation protocols offer a breakthrough in security. Fully agentless, we do not need to be deployed, simply "connect" us and immediately reduce your risk footprint while  continuing business operations as normal.

Our Team Comes From:

What People Are Saying

After seeing your technology, for my company, it was a security no brainer.

CTO, Medical Services Company

You're scratching a security itch that I've had for years. It's significant technology, it's important technology.

ADM Kirkland Donald, USN (Ret.)
Commander US Atlantic Nuclear Fleet

From a legal perspective, Nullafi's cost savings for clients is pretty straightforward. Don't lose sensitive data, you're subject to a fraction of the costs.

Partner, Leading Data Loss Attorney