Nullafi for Salesforce

Protect data security and privacy while retaining search functionality

Limit access at the data field level without impacting search results containing the masked data

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Too much sensitive data. Difficult to configure securely. Limits use cases. Salesforce provides field-level security but fails to return search results for records containing blocked fields.

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Nullafi’s platform gives teams a way to secure access, protect privacy, and extend Salesforce usability by preserving all search capabilities.

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Mask data while giving record access

Limit user visibility by setting access controls at field-level while maintaining access to records in search function so users can find what they need without seeing what they don’t need.

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Use attributes to help limit access and visibility in Salesforce more precisely based on business-need, including department, team, or geographic location.

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Apply the same access controls across the entire application stack to meet security, privacy, and compliance requirements.

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Maximize return on investment with data access controls that mask individual data fields within Salesforce without impacting user experience.

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Reduce total cost of ownership by eliminating time-consuming access management processes and increasing usability.

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Reduce IT burdens and audit costs by applying data access controls across all applications that integrate with Salesforce.

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Document all data access and use, including file exports, to the millisecond for visibility into activity and proof of governance.

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