Nullafi for Hubspot

Control data access and use precisely across all users

Get more out of Hubspot by limiting access at the data field level across diverse user populations

Too broad. Too many users. Too specialized.

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Creating precise controls in Hubspot is a time-consuming process that either requires blocking entire modules or establishing too many different user groups.

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Nullafi’s platform gives Hubspot users a way to create standardized and precise data access policies across diverse user groups.

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Limit user access according to the principle of least privilege by setting controls as precisely as data field for a “best practices” approach to security, privacy, and compliance.

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Set access controls according to employee and third-party contractor needs across marketing and sales then apply those controls as the organization grows without having to start all over.

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Keep all access controls consistent across the diverse ecosystem instead of setting them application-by-application basis.

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Use data access controls to mask individual data fields within Hubspot modules instead of blocking access entirely to maximize the return on investment.

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Reduce total cost of ownership by eliminating time-consuming processes that come from adding new users, creating multiple teams under a single Primary team member, and collecting documentation for compliance.

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Reduce IT burdens and operational costs by applying data access controls across all applications that integrate with Hubspot rather than configuring each application individually.

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