Instant Data Security for Redash

Redash is an extremely popular open source BI tool that does a great job democratizing data access to your teams. Like other BI tools, it links to your databases and lets you query data and build visualizations. The problem is securing that data – without Nullafi, all that data is displayed as plain text for anyone, regardless of how it’s protected in the database. 

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The Data Security Problem with Redash

Look, BI tools are great, and extremely important. The problem is that their entire purpose is to provide people with powerful data. The faster and more easily they can do that, the better. Redash is a very powerful tool, but it focuses exclusively on giving access, not controlling that access. Anyone can see anything, anytime, anywhere. That’s a recipe for disaster. 

More explicitly, the data security problems in Redash are that controls are: 

Delegated upstream

They simply don’t exist in Redash. Redash is public and open about their approach, which is to delegate permissions to the databases linked to them. This gives rise to many issues. 

Labor Intensive

If you delegate permissions to the database, it becomes extraordinarily hard to operationalize scalable and automated role based permissions as more, and different, data is stored, teams are changed, etc. 


Application silos mean even if you can set some rules in a database linked to Redash, you will duplicate the same work countless times to apply a single rule to multiple applications with different configurations.

Nullafi Solves The Data Security Problem In Redash

Simple and Intuitive rule construction

Hide Full or partial fields within queries and visualizations

All you have to do is select a role and click what sensitive data they can or can’t see in the queries and visualizations they create in Redash. You can even hide certain elements of certain fields, leaving the rest. It’s literally that simple. All controlled from a single interface, no developer knowledge is needed. 

Redash Unobfuscated Image2Redash Obfuscated Image2
Keep productivity, securely

See who's doing what in your redash instance

Whether your Redash is Public Cloud, Private Cloud, or On-Premise, we give you transparency into what users are doing what in your Redash instance. Do you currently know if people are looking at data versus downloading it? It’s a significant difference. An automatic uneditable activity log down to the millisecond ensures nothing is ever done without you knowing. 

Fast and easy management

Easily pause, edit, or delete Rules

Turns out a role needs access to a data point in Redash you thought they didn’t? Someone wants to temporarily verify PII? No problem, you can pause, edit, or delete a rule anytime you want, and resume it just as easily. Easy-click on and off lets you give an exception for minutes, or seconds. 

Protection So straightforward you can see it

Redash Unobfuscated Image2Redash Obfuscated Image2
simply drag the slider above to understand what we do

Why Trust Nullafi for Data Security?

Nullafi was built from the ground-up to be different, following a user-forward approach to security. Everything from how easy it is to set up to how little you need to trust us with data is carefully constructed to put you at ease. 

Technology that shows you it's working

You can see the technology obfuscating data in real time within your selected applications. No need to invest in promises that take months to validate.

We store nothing, No need to trust us

The whole point of Nullafi’s technology is to not trust any person or tool more than necessary. Our obfuscation is done “just in time,” and we don’t store any of your data.

Easy to set up, run, support, and remove as you see fit

We bring the ease of use expected of B2C products to data security. We’re stress-free at every step, though of course we hope you stay with us.

Nullafi Named "Cybersecurity Company of the Year"

We're honored to have been recognized as leaders in the field of data security.

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Nullam quis risus eget urna mollis ornare vel eu leo. Aenean lacinia bibendum nulla sed 

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