A little about Nullafi

Our brand pillars are: Trust, Transparency, and Simplicity.
These three pillars underpin everything we do – from how we do business, to who we work with, how we price our products, and even the design of our technology.

What Is Nullafi

We’re an award-winning SaaS cybersecurity company with multiple patents granted for our data aliasing technology. The goal of our company was to set a new cybersecurity standard. While traditional methods all clamor for incremental improvements and competitive advantages in breach prevention, we stand apart (and “are notable” as Forbes puts it) for our different approach: we nullify the breach, aka, make it simply not have any impact on your company.

Our Mission

In short, make data breaches not matter. Our core belief is that data security should be made as easily achievable as possible for organizations who care, and that the data security landscape is filled with complexity, cost, and lack of results. Our mission is to create data security tools that are:

  • Easy to Use
  • Affordable
  • Flexible and Scalable
  • Secure data while preserving internal usability

It's Time for Something different

Breaches are inevitable. With Nullafi, it doesn’t matter – your data is literally useless to cybercriminals.


Nullafi provides smarter, simpler data security, so even if hackers get into your data, or your data is lost through other means, you remain insulated. The cybersecurity world has focused too long on trying to stop data exposures by simply shoring up perimeter defenses. In a perimeterless world with a constantly evolving threat landscape, it’s no wonder this unifaceted approach keeps failing.


Nullafi’s proprietary data aliasing protocols offer a breakthrough in security, with flexible integration options that dramatically reduce risk, and don’t just shift it. According to Perkins Coie, our customers avoid 97% of the financial fallout of a data breach, and can continue their business operations as normal.

Awards and Recognition

We’re honored to have our work be recognized by experts in the field as bringing something truly valuable to market. 

The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has confirmed that our technology is unique, with 2 patents already granted and 11 more pending. 

Our Team

Our team leverages backgrounds in national defense, artificial intelligence, legal compliance, corporate communications, and of course, cybersecurity, to make sure that our products are powerful, usable, and relevant in as many touch points of a corporate risk profile as possible. 

Flexible Data Security Solutions For Every Business

Whether you’re looking to secure a thousand databases, or your Salesforce instance, we have a product, and price, that will work for you. We are highly scalable and flexible, and offer a suite of solutions built around our patented aliasing process. Organizations can integrate our technology in a matter of minutes, or hours, depending on how complex your system is, and it will start protecting you immediately. 

What People Are Saying